Lancaster County, PA


Reconstructing wetland and fluvial environments

in southeast Pennsylvania

Research conducted at

Franklin & Marshall College


Reconstructing Holocene Paleoenvironments in Southeast PA

The MICRO lab is very happy to begin research on this project! Dr. Candace Grand Pre will be collaborating with Dr. Dorothy Merritts and Dr. Bob Walter to reconstruct changes in paleoclimate and paleoenvironment throughout the Holocene using several biological and chemical proxies. We will be collaborating with Dr. Chris Bernhardt (USGS) and Dr. Marina Potapova (Academy of Natural Sciences) to identify pollen and diatoms preserved in cores collected from southeast Pennsylvania.

During spring break Dr. Bernhardt joined Dr. Grand Pre and three MICRO lab students in the field to collect cores and begin the initial analyses. This summer we will identify and reconstruct the climate and environmental changes preserved in these cores.

We will be joined by Amy Moser (class of 2014), who received funding from the Hackman Scholarship program at Franklin and Marshall College. All Hackman Scholars receive a full-time stipend to conduct research at F&M during the summer months. Amy will be focusing on diatom identification and interpretation.

Check our Blog this summer for updates on this exciting research!


Monitoring Stream Health and Restoration Efforts in Lancaster County, PA

This summer the MICRO lab will be beginning a new research project to assess the health of the streams in Lancaster County using diatoms. Two summer research students will be sampling several streams each month and identifying the diatoms present. Diatoms are excellent indicators of stream health because they are extremely sensitive and respond rapidly to small changes in water chemistry and quality.

We will be collaborating with Dr. Marina Potapova from the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University and using their extensive diatom collection to make our species identifications.

This project is part of a larger funded project supported by the Cargill Foundation and Franklin and Marshall College. The Principle Investigators of this project are Dr. Candace Grand Pre, Dr. Bob Walter, and Dr. Dorothy Merritts at Franklin and Marshall College. Four undergraduate F&M students receive a full-time stipend for this research this summer!

Below is a Gigapan of the entire BSR site collected and compiled by Eugene Potapov in the spring of 2012. Click on the “snapshots” and the window above will pan to that location at BSR! You can also zoom in/out and move around using the controls in the Gigapan itself. Amazing! Thanks Eugene!

Check our Blog for updates on this exciting research!